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  • Email Routing Use Case

    Indexing incoming communications

    Classify incoming communications (emails, scanned documents, attachments, etc.) and route the documents into the correct business processes. Extract entities such as contract numbers, prioritize if relevant and dispatch to the right team or case handler.

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  • Claims Handling Use Case

    Claims Handling

    Take the data entry out of information-intensive claims processes. Free up time for the claims analysts to focus on complex and exceptional cases.

  • Credit Application Use Case

    Credit Application

    Strive towards an instant response 24/7 when a prospect applies for a credit. Check quality, completeness and content of all supporting files such as proof of income or identity. For credit institutions who realize that faster response means more business.

  • Credit Disbursement Use Case

    Credit Disbursement

    Disburse money from a collateralized loan after validating whether the invoice(s) correspond with the purpose of the credit, whether it be motor, renovation or other.

  • One Click Onboarding Use Case

    One-Click Onboarding

    Pre-fill lengthy web forms by capturing content from relevant supporting docs. Tailored solutions suitable for (car) insurance, utilities, telecom and others.

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