Can I easily change utility providers?

In Belgium, retail customers can stop their contract for electricity or gas at any time, regardless of the contract duration.

The only condition is a 30 day notice period. This means that should you choose to change providers today, your new contract will start in a month at the earliest.

Please note that some discounts and promotions require you to remain with the same provider for a given period (typically one year).

Does switching provider require a physical intervention at my home?

No, changing providers for gas or electricity does not require any physical intervention.

You will be asked to share your meter readings when switch suppliers. This will enable the proper transition to the new provider and correct final invoice from your current provider.

What if I only have a paper invoice?

To use Contract.fit, you will need a pdf invoice. Should you only have a paper invoice, you can scan it to pdf. To achieve this, you could use one of the free apps, such as Scannable (App Store) or CamScanner (Google Play Store).

My invoice was not processed correctly, what do I do now?

If you received an error message, we’ll look into the problem and contact you by email as soon as we have addressed the problem.

If you did not receive an error message, but you believe we have misinterpreted your invoice, we would love to hear from you. Contact

Why are the computations not exactly the same as on the VREG website?

The computations on the VREG website are correct, but not necessarily complete. The VREG computation only takes the official tariffs into account, yet does not integrate temporary discounts or reductions. Contract.fit does give you the complete picture.

I changed suppliers using Contract.fit. What do I do next?

Your new supplier will send you a confirmation and contact you to finalize the transition.

Can I use this service for my company?

Absolutely, u can upload your invoice on the homepage or send it to invoice@Contract.fit. This service is still in test phase, so just drop us a line if we didn’t recognize your invoice correctly.

How does Contract.fit make money?

Contract.fit is free for users, yet needs revenues to be able to keep the service free going forward. Contract.fit receives a small compensation by the receiving supplier for each switched customer. As Contract.fit allows suppliers to drastically lower their customer acquisition cost, this is beneficial for both the customers and the suppliers.

Is Contract.fit neutral?

Contract.fit guarantees to be completely neutral and objective. At Contract.fit, we have an open book policy, so you can review all computations for completeness and correctness.

I would like to use Contract.fit in a year from now when I receive my new invoice. Can you send me a reminder?

Yes, Contract.fit will be happy to remind you when the time has come to have another look at your invoice.

I have a question or an idea on how to further improve the service. How can I contact you?

You can ask your question, idea or feedback on our service send to info@Contract.fit.

Can I use Contract.fit on my mobile or tablet?

Absolutely. Contract.fit is responsive and will work on your PC, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

Does Contract.fit allow me to just forward the email of my supplier?

Absolutely. You can forward the email of your supplier with your invoice to invoice@Contract.fit. You will receive an email with a link to our website on which you can review the outcome of our comparison and easily switch to the most suitable contract.