A New Paradigm for
Information-Intensive Interactions

Your customers expect to sign up, buy a product or pay an invoice with one click.
Now they can.


Our solutions can make your teams more productive


Routing incoming mail

More than 80% efficiency increase

Your organization probably receives thousands of incoming mails per month, be it by regular mail or email. Chances are that someone needs to review each communication to send it to the right department. If so, we are happy to help. Our routing companion can learn how to route based on examples. And, best of all, if our routing companion isn't sure yet, it'll ask an operator and it will get smarter from each such human intervention.


Insurance claims handling

Double digit increase in claims analyst efficiency

Do you have team members that waste valuable time keying in data that is trapped in a document? Our data entry companion will let them focus once again on what truly matters and where you really add value. Our technology will learn how to retrieve data and prepare it for processing. Whenever we are unsure, we'll flag the data for review in a very user-friendly portal. An integrated feedback loop makes sure our technology gets better each time you use it.

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    Automated data entry and decision making
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    Lower administrative costs
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    Seamless integration in existing workflows
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    Focus on what truly matters

Our solutions can help you create next generation customer experiences


Utility onboarding

Double digit increase in conversion rate

Online conversion matters, we can enable one-click buy, also for complex services. If you spend a lot of resources convincing prospects to become your client, it may not be the best idea to welcome them with a lengthy subscription form. Our onboarding as a service solution allows your prospects to onboard by simply sharing an existing document from which all relevant information is read automagically. In utilities, for example, we have witnessed a double digit increase in conversion through this approach.


Snap and pay

1-click payment for all invoices

Payments are frequent and painful: time and time again, you need to key in IBAN codes, structured communication messages, amounts, and beneficiaries. Our machines can do that for you. Just forward an invoice to the right inbox or snap a picture of the invoice and we'll prepare the payment details. Our solution can readily be integrated in your banking application. Just drop us an email and we'll happily provide you with the API keys to give it a spin.

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    Higher conversation
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    Increased data
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    More personalized journeys
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    More opportunities to cross- and upsell

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