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Automation solution

for everyday cognitive tasks

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Tangible business benefits

Offer Real-time experiences

Offer real-time experiences

Customers today expect a fast and easy user experience. With our technology you can onboard clients in a matter of minutes. No more sending around onboarding documents and waiting to receive emails a day later.

Become Hyper-Efficient as a team

Become hyper-efficient

Your employees will save time thanks to the automation of their everyday cognitive tasks. This means they will be happy to help out with new ideas, processes and helping customers in
a personalized way!


Self-learning technology

At we want to give you the tools to easily apply state-of-the-art machine learning to all your automation needs when it comes to processing incoming communication (such as invoices, emails, payslips, insurance claims, etc). With our live-learning technology, every time our product is used, we incorporate the feedback making it better and smarter over time.

Automation of everyday cognitive tasks

We extract information from all types of documents, emails, invoices, contracts, etc.
Document classification
Data capture of documents
Validation of business rules with AI

Get inspired by our use cases

  • Claims Handling Use Case
    Insurance Claims
  • Personal Finance Management Use Case
    Personal Finance
  • Accounts Payable Use Case
    Accounts Payable
  • Robotic Accounting Use Case
  • Email Routing Use Case
    Incoming Mail
  • A Complete Solution

    • – Integrated workflow
    • – Dashboard with analytics
    • – Business process design studio
    • – Self-learning technology
  • API Documentation

    Ready to start integrating? Check out the latest version of our API integration.

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