Meet the team

They embody how we work, the standards we have, and the principles that underpin every part of our efforts.

  • Pol Brouckaert
  • Bertrand Anckaert
  • Jens De Pelsmaeker
    Head of Product
  • Jordy Van Landeghem
    AI Researcher
  • Tom De Wulf Tom De Wulf
    Tom De Wulf
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Angel Gonzalez
    Front-end Developer
  • Timothé Perez
    Senior Python Engineer
  • Shanza Iftikhar
    AI Engineer
  • Sebastiaan Verplancke
    AI Engineer
  • Thomas Delsart
    AI Engineer
  • Danielle Rubas
    Project Manager
  • Jasper Dermul
    Delivery Manager
  • Sandy Hanna
    Delivery Manager
  • Blert Kada
    Account Executive
  • Rebecca Rohmann
    Account Executive

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