Automated Invoice payments

Automate your invoice and receipt processing with accurate, Intelligent Automation software.

Put AI technology to work for you

You pride yourself in offering a great online service for your customers.  As a digital and modern bank or payment facilitator, you’re always looking for ways to further improve your usability.

We’ll see you… and raise you an all-in-one, Intelligent Automation API.

Don’t waste your customers’ time by asking them to manually copy invoice data before they can issue a payment.
Don’t struggle with OCR tools that don’t work.

Get started with this out-of-the-box solution for invoice payments. Process and pay an invoice, from any device,  in a matter of seconds with a single API.

Experience real-time processing and never ask to type an IBAN again.

Payments misconception

Capturing invoice data with mobile phone

With the rise of digital invoices, we often hear that payments automation technology is no longer relevant. But, that’s not true.

With your users uploading an invoice via the online banking platform one day, and just snapping a picture with the app the other day, you need to have technology in place to automate payments at every part of their customer journey.

This technology is the gateway for further use cases for open banking, KYC, PSD2 and fraud detection.

Automate payments. Anytime, anywhere.

extract invoice data from mobile picture

Capture via device camera

Allow users to easily capture paper invoices with the device camera, to validate the pre-populated (extracted) information in your app and  to validate the payment.


Upload invoices via web app


Upload via Web App

Let your users easily drag and drop electronic or scanned invoices in your web app. Auto-fill the fields and give them a smooth payment experience.


Capture invoice data via email

Capture via email App

Allow users to easily forward invoices they received per mail, into your banking app. It automatically opens your banking app and pre-populates the payment fields. The only thing they still have to do is click ‘confirm’.

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