Mailroom Automation Challenge

Back-office processes are not as digitized as the front-office is.

Previous mailroom solutions are being replaced by smarter solutions. Technology today is capable of providing true automation where other solutions fell short.

It’s now possible to choose for self-learning, out-of-the-box solutions that are set up in a matter of weeks.

Intelligent Mailroom Automation

The solution

Techniques such as machine learning, NLP and others allow us to automate certain business processes such as email indexation or invoice processing for accounting without using any fixed templates or rule-sets.


The benefits of Intelligent Automation for indexing communications

  • Classify all incoming communications (emails, scanned docs, attachments, etc)
  • Route the docs into the correct workflow/business process
  • Automate more business processes such as claims and underwriting processes
  • Cut costs fast’s pre-trained models can guarantee fast set-up of your automation project. Save time and money in development by going for a solution that is running at some of the largest insurers.

  • Increased efficiency when processing large volumes

    Increase efficiency and deliver customer centric, real-time digital experiences. Our stable, scalable & secure servers from MS Azure process all your incoming communications 24/7, even on weekends.

  • Easy set-up and integration

    Easy integration into your digital eco-system thanks to our REST-API.

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Proven technology is running in large corporations across different departments:
Communication management
Onboarding of new customers
Credit application/disbursement

We offer financial services and insurance companies all over Europe the building blocks to read and interpret documents and emails.

Gain a lot in terms of costs and efficiency in your back-offices.

Improves over time

Our AI/ML models are built-in with a combined approach:

1. Pre-trained models used for classification and extraction of standard docs (invoices, ID cards, payslips,…)
2. Client-specific. Models used to apply business logic, unique for every customer. These models are not shared across customers but are still self-learning


Self-learning technology

AI allows learning from qualitative examples and learns over time. NLP technology is used to interpret the messages, understand the “intent” of a message and go beyond extraction of some key details (policy or claim number)

Manage your processes from end-to-end

  • Data extraction
  • Classification
  • Validation

Use our web-portal with review screens for your operators

Automate your processes

Financial services

Credit application/disbursements


Claims processing

Experience the automatic indexation of your incoming communications

Receive a live demo with one of our specialists today!’s Intelligent Automation solution

  • Self learning technology
    Prediction Engine
  • Web Portal

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