Classification and extraction from all types of documents

Our Machine Learning product can recognize and extract information from a multitude of documents. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our platform.

Every company has different extracting and classification needs. Our product makes it easy to configure your own use-case-specific fields and train our models to remember them so you always get your requested output.

So if you’re wondering if we can classify a certain document type, extract a special field or validate a specific business rule that is not in the following list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Whether you upload a scanned invoice, a native PDF or just a picture; we capture the data within a matter of seconds for you.

Depending on your specific needs, you’ll get the output of the required fields (Invoice sender name, VAT n°, Net amount, Gross amount, VAT amount) via the portal or immediately via our API integration. 



We are able to read different types of receipts in no time.

Depending on what you need you’ll get the required output of the fields (such as: Receipt N°, VAT n°, Net amount, Gross amount, VAT amount) via the portal or straight via our API. 

Data Extraction from Receipts

Other documents

ID Cards
Pay Slips
Mutuality Lists
Pharmacy lists
Medical Documents
Hospital invoices


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