Get data extracted from invoices and receipts, with our Intelligent Automation solution

Stop spending time manually typing the data or using traditional OCR tools that don’t work. Our Intelligent Automation solution extracts and classifies all the relevant data from any invoice and receipt, with an intuitive and agile approach.

Key features

  • Data Extraction: key fields like the amounts (gross, net and tax), sender and receiver details, and more, including the line items and tax breakdown.
  • Document Splitting: we can classify and split any document types that are sent to our solution, to increase the efficiency of your process.
  • Manual Review: when necessary, we provide a web portal that allows users to manually review and correct the predictions of ML models.


    • Flexibility

      Our solution can be adapted to your specific need and requirements

    • Self-learning

      Our solution trains itself to become better and faster at making predictions over time

    • Fast implementation

      Fast time to setup, whether is for an API integration or the end-user portal



    Whether you upload a scanned invoice, a native PDF or just a picture, we capture the data within a matter of seconds for you.

    Depending on your specific needs, you'll get the output of the required fields (invoice sender name, VAT number, net amount, gross amount, VAT amount, ...) via portal or immediately via out API integration.


    Out solution read different types of receipts in no time.

    Depending on what you need you'll get the required output of the fields, such as: receipt number, net and gross amount, VAT amount and number, ...) via the portal or straight via out API.

    Other Documents

    • ID Cards

    • Emails

    • Payslips

    • Mutuality lists

    • Other


    Optimize your invoice processing

    Speed up every transaction in your processes by automating the data extraction of invoices and receipts, improving the customer experience and efficiency of your organization.

    Invoice Data Extraction

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