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Use intelligent OCR to unlock the value of the data contained in your documents with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.



Optimize document processing

Speed up every transaction in your processes by automating the data entry flows of invoices and receipts, improving the customer experience and the efficiency of your organization.

Don’ t waste time manually copying the data or asking your customer to do it for you. Don’t struggle with OCR tools that don’t work.

Our Intelligent Automation solution extracts and classifies all relevant data for you, from invoices, receipts, energy bills, pharmacy invoices, etc..



Invoice data extraction and line items

Highly-performant APIs

The core of our product is a suite of APIs that are fast, accurate and flexible.

Every prediction comes with confidence levels and coordinates in order to visualize the data via bounding boxes on a document and there is plenty of logic foreseen to standardize and strengthen the quality of the output (ex. standardization of amounts or dates, etc.)

All APIs run on stable servers in the Azure cloud, with enterprise-grade security and high performance, to which you will both get a quality and production environment.

Swagger and Slate documentation is accessible in the product.  

Json output for invoice data extraction

Automate Data Extraction

Fields. Extract the basic fields of information that you need from the amounts to the IBAN numbers. Need an extra field? We’ve got you covered! You can create custom fields and easily train your own model.

Line items. Go one step further and get the different line items and VAT rates from the document.

Customized input and output. You decide which format you upload to our solution (PDF, PNG, EML, etc.). After processing, you also decide in which output format you wish to receive the extracted data (UBL, XLS, XML, json, etc.)



Data Extraction from Receipts

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These features are just one click away

  • Document Splitting
    Document Splitting
  • capture data
    Get Full text
  • Database validations and business rules checks
    Database validation
  • Auto-rotate images
    Auto-rotate functionality
  • Automatic Date formatting
    Automatic date formatting

Stats and Insights

Control the level of automation. You can easily set and adapt automation thresholds. This means you can choose at which confidence levels documents can go Straight Through Processing (STP) and which documents need a manual review in our user-friendly interface.

Measure. Monitor and analyze the performance of the data extraction API in terms of automation and accuracy predictions.

Visualize. Visualize the most relevant KPIs from the ML models to understand their impact.



Statistics Pane

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